Adding social features to your website with our yoAPI


When yoMedia started in 2006 we developed yoCo, a mobile chat application with built-in mobile advertising features. We then noticed it was a bit early for mobile advertising features and the application was shelved for later use. But it did inspire us to start yoFriends, an online social network where people could upload their own media, convert it to a mobile format and then send it to their phone. The back-end technology for this network has been worked on for many months. We build in tons of social features, like user accounts, ratings, comments, user uploading and more.

This bespoke back-end structure is now being whitelabelled to a number of clients. We’ve already done some succesful work for Radio 538, EO and Media Mountain, all based on our own back-end technology. We are now incorporating mobile in our back-end structure to create an equally succesful whitelabel platform for mobile.

All this back-end technology is summarized in one product: the yoAPI. With help from our API we can make your website ready for the social era of the internet we now live in. Contact us for more information!

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